Challenges For Your HVAC system

Challenges for your HVAC system

Let’s face it, your HVAC system faces challenges throughout the year, especially during the summer and winter months. Some of the challenges it has to face are climate challenges such as outside temperatures and humidity, the level of insulation and amount of air leakage in your home, the amount of east, west and south facing glass and if the glass in your home is single, double or triple-glazed. Other challenges are if your window treatments are kept closed or open, if you have shades from trees, awnings or building or how much heat is given off by people and equipment inside your home.


There are several tips that will keep your HVAC system running efficiently and comfortably such as regularly inspecting your system, taking care of repairs as soon as possible and performing preventative maintenance. Replacing your sir filters regularly is also important. A clean air filter is important because it prevents dirt from accumulating inside your system, which can be a challenge for your system because it decreases the air flow of the system and forces the unit to work harder than it should. To prevent this challenge, check your filter once a month, especially during the summer and winter months when they are used often.

Most importantly, hire an HVAC company so that they can tune up your heating and cooling system. This should be done twice a year. This is an effective and preventative measure and can keep your system in optimal condition. In addition, check your setting and system controls on your thermostat to ensure that they are working as they should. Do this twice a year. In addition, the indoor and outdoor evaporator coils should be cleaned in the early spring before warm weather kicks in. If they are not cleaned, they can cause your heating and cooling system to run much longer than it should to cool down your home and that can lessen the lifespan of your equipment and add to your overall energy costs.